One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer making an album together.

One Direction and their opening act 5 Seconds of Summer announced that they’re making an album together. Ashton Irwin the drummer of the band tweeted “we’re excited to say that we’ve been working on an album with the 1D boys Xx” One Direction confirmed it in an interview that it was true Liam said ” We’ve been working on it since the start of the Take me home tour” Zayn added that the album will be released the 1st of december. Albummet will have alot of songs with solos from all the boys and a few song with only 5sos or only One Direction. The album contains musicvideos with all the boys together. in 2014 One direction is going on a new tour with the 5sos boys so they can perform the songs. The album is said to be the album of the year. Hopefully there will be a lot more tours with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer together. Niall said “We’re really happy to work with such great lads.” Harry added “The album is gonna be a lot more mature than our other albums and it’s gonna have a bit rock, since 5sos is a pop-rock band.”



The Danish Royal Family In IKEA

The Royal Family In IKEA

IKEA Butik

This week the royal family visited the swedish company IKEA. Margrethe the Queen was very excited visiting IKEA. She said “We needed pillows so we decided to take the limo and drive to IKEA”. The queen asked Henrik “ Can’t we just take the normal Stairs to the 1st floor ? Then Henrik said “I don’t know about you but i’m taking the Escalators”. First Henrik found a Black and white Striped pillow but Margrethe thought it was too Retro. After the visit we interviewed Margrethe she told us that she actually wanted a pink pillow but she did not tell Henrik. They were both very impressed by the size of the store. They bought 346 pillows and they spent about 30.000 Kr. But the queen has a lot of money so i guess that is not a problem. They thought about buying New Beds too but they decided not to do it. The prince Henrik said that he was not impressed of the food. The queen thought it was delicious. She said that she always had been that fast food Person.

We had a great day and the royal family had a great day.

World War ||| – upcoming

World War ||| is upcoming – our worst nightmare has become reality.

The anger and frustrations are reaching the limits, and Japan are upcoming warriors. The soldiers and their military are preparing for a war – coming soon!

Since the last two World Wars ended, complications between Japan and their surrounding countries have escalated and gone into a new era! A new nightmare, as we may call it.

The weapon developers have since last developed new kinds of atomic weapons, which consequences may possibly be very fatal for mankind.

The conflicts that the upcoming war is based on are, that Japan tried to conquer a few square miles of land in their surrounding countries, because they believe, that they need even more space, and therefore – as said – the conflicts are escalating very quickly.

“We want the world in flames! They are our victims – victims of our victory!” one of the weapon developers tells about their country’s fast escalating, which is starting to worry the world outside them.


Vidcon is a place to meet your favourite youtubers, we went and got pictures and talked to all of our favourite youtubers.

The first Vidcon was held on July 9-11 2010 at a hotel in Los Angeles with 1400 people attending. Vidcon 2011 was held on July 29-30 at the same place with 2500 people video creators, viewers and industry representives. The third Vidcon was held June 28-30 2011. It was held in a larger venue, and around 7000 people attended. Vidcon 2013 was held on 1-3 of August at the same venue it was held the year before. The conference was sold out within a month, 12000 people attending.

We went on the 2nd of August, and we met some of our favourite youtubers including Jacksgap, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, PewDiePie, Veeoneeye, Emma Blackery, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Lukeisnotsexy, Caspar Lee, Shane Dawson, FunForLouis, Smosh, Alfie and Marcus Butler.

Jacksgap is a youtuber named Jack Harries who’s making videos with his twin brother Finn Harries. Jack started the channel to make videos of him doing random things. His twin started doing the things with him. Jack and Finn is obsessed with Maoam

danisnotonfire is a youtuber who’s talking, giving advice and making fun of things.

amazingphil is a youtuber, his best friend is dan from the channel danisnotonfire, so they’re making videos together a lot. He’s making videos of the same things as Dan.

PewDiePie is a Youtuber making videos of himself playing videogames. He’s playing a lot of Horror games and he’s the most subscribed person on Youtube.

Tyler Oakley is a Youtuber making videos of himself talking and giving advice. Tyler is gay and people ship him with the other Youtuber, Troye Sivan who’s also gay.

‘Social’ addiction


‘Social’ addiction.

Children nowadays are way too addicted to their ‘social’ connections.    They always have it by hand, and it never leaves either their pocket or their bags. Scientist have found out, that if this so-called social addiction keeps going on, in fifteen years the whole world will be disconnected from the reality surrounding us.

-“Mobile phones have a negative effect on children, who nowadays spend most of their time watching the screen, playing, or going on Facebook, while the world outside them start to change. Everything gets into Cyberspace, and suddenly no one will actually go outside, and no one will care about it, because if everyone suddenly stays inside, there are not many who will care about themselves, and everything will grease up. And these affections will harm us as human beings,”  scientist, Dr. Phil Roland, says about the new generation’s development.

New researches have shown, that 89% of all students in public school have their phones with them in school, while 70% of the students have them turned on in school time – research based on questioning for the students at Vodskov Public School..

Also, the children’s parents are very worried about their children’s developing. Based on their school grades, they worry, that their kids will never graduate, because more often it is seen in class, that the pupils are sitting with their mobile phone underneath the table, trying to hide it from their teacher whilst playing pointless games.

Win The New IPad Air!

ipad-air-power-lightness_650Do you want the new IPad Air?
You can get it if you win this competition. I all Kellogs breaksfast products, there is a slip of paper, where their are seven numbers on the paper in each packet. If the numbers are 2648673 you have won the new IPad Air!
The New IPad isn`t in the all shops yet, but you will get when you find the slip of paper.

If you are the lucky winner you can send the slip of paper and your phonenumber to us then we will call you.


Katy Perry realeases her 5th album “Roar”

Katy Perry is right now working on her 5th album “Roar” the album is respected to be realeased in the end of november. One of the songs on the album is her new single “Roar”. A source tells that there is 20 audio songs on the new album and 5 acustic songs. You can without doubt be exited for the new album. Plus if you stand and don’t now what to buy in a Christmas present then you got a perfect choice in “Roar”