bieber got whacked by a 22 mm sniper


Tuesday night  Justin bieber was shot 4 times. 2 times in the leg. 1 in the arm and one in the stomach, He was rushed to the hospital. the doctor said that  Justin  must have amputated his leg and arm. The operation is going to last 3-4 hours in this week. He gets paralyzed from his abdomen and down. he has to sit in a wheelchair the rest of his life. the riffle has been found but the sniper is still not found


the trailer is finally on youtube! katniss is returned, but the problems aren’t over! more and more districts are beginning to rebel. the trouble is getting worse. katniss is again selectet for the hungergames. this time the challenge is even bigger. the final winners of the hungergames are fighting against each other! will katniss survive, and what about peeta?
we can’t wait to see the movie, which is coming allready November 22th!

The migrant storm!!


The storm on the way to Denmark – so hard-hit the UK. The weather is not so bad right now but it will be a heavy weather  the Great Belt bridge is closed because the storm. It came from England here to Danmark and it will go further against East. We hope no one gets hurt, there is about 12-13 degrees.

One Direction killed with a machete

Breaking News: One Direction killed by a man with a machete

Crying directioner

Millions of Directioners is now crying in this moment, because there idols Neil, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn.  The boys was just about to sing their first single, What Makes You Beautiful, when a angry hater ran up on stage and slash them down with his machete. The concert was cancelled, and all the crying fans was promised another concert? The president of the USA is now saying to press that he loved them, and he was crying for hours when he heard the news.  He wants to find that motherf*cker, and cut of his balls. The funeral for the boys was a very sad moment of world history. Their mothers said ” We don’t understand why anyone would do that to our sweethearts ” All the Directioners all over the world is trying to find the man, who did it.