Rasmus Seebach´s girlfriend

Rasmus Seebach´s girlfriend

Rasmus´ new girlfriend is Trine Nyborg Vittrup Olivia is to her.
Rasmus say: She is very beautiful and a very good girl.
I love you! says they both two. Rasmus scribe a new song to her because she is pretty, awesome, nice, and very sweet<3<3<3<3
she is my better part of my heart. she is the only thing i think on.
I can´t live whitout her.
i meet her to a party downtown at Trine Stenstrop. we dance the hole night <3<3<3<3<3<3

she have beautiful blue eyes and she´s muth is nice to kiss i´m a lucky boy becuas we want to moved togetter in my pagment.

i love to hug her because she smell good!
I got many mail´s from other boy´s because they love her too.



A happy night on the town ended abruptly when Gustav was knocked down with a bottle of Bernstorffgade in central Copenhagen .

Gustav, who was in town with Lisa Lents , was cared for by a couple of young guys while he was about to raise some money in a slot machine in front of workers Country Bank , writes HERE & NOW .

– They asked if they could get a picture with me and I said yes. And when one had got his picture and I turned around , I got a bottle on the head tells Gustav to HERE & NOW .

The bottle was shattered when it hit the back of his head , and the two young guys ran away from the spot.

– I remember it in flashes . There was blood everywhere and I lost consciousness several times , says Gustav, who was rushed to the National Hospital Trauma Centre for treatment.

Police were already on Saturday morning in the process of investigating the attack , described as rough , writes HERE & NOW .

– I was lucky . They could have hit me in the face with the bottle. I dare not thought of how bad things could have gone . I could have got the bottle in the eye or throat