World War ||| – upcoming

World War ||| is upcoming – our worst nightmare has become reality.

The anger and frustrations are reaching the limits, and Japan are upcoming warriors. The soldiers and their military are preparing for a war – coming soon!

Since the last two World Wars ended, complications between Japan and their surrounding countries have escalated and gone into a new era! A new nightmare, as we may call it.

The weapon developers have since last developed new kinds of atomic weapons, which consequences may possibly be very fatal for mankind.

The conflicts that the upcoming war is based on are, that Japan tried to conquer a few square miles of land in their surrounding countries, because they believe, that they need even more space, and therefore – as said – the conflicts are escalating very quickly.

“We want the world in flames! They are our victims – victims of our victory!” one of the weapon developers tells about their country’s fast escalating, which is starting to worry the world outside them.

‘Social’ addiction


‘Social’ addiction.

Children nowadays are way too addicted to their ‘social’ connections.    They always have it by hand, and it never leaves either their pocket or their bags. Scientist have found out, that if this so-called social addiction keeps going on, in fifteen years the whole world will be disconnected from the reality surrounding us.

-“Mobile phones have a negative effect on children, who nowadays spend most of their time watching the screen, playing, or going on Facebook, while the world outside them start to change. Everything gets into Cyberspace, and suddenly no one will actually go outside, and no one will care about it, because if everyone suddenly stays inside, there are not many who will care about themselves, and everything will grease up. And these affections will harm us as human beings,”  scientist, Dr. Phil Roland, says about the new generation’s development.

New researches have shown, that 89% of all students in public school have their phones with them in school, while 70% of the students have them turned on in school time – research based on questioning for the students at Vodskov Public School..

Also, the children’s parents are very worried about their children’s developing. Based on their school grades, they worry, that their kids will never graduate, because more often it is seen in class, that the pupils are sitting with their mobile phone underneath the table, trying to hide it from their teacher whilst playing pointless games.