Justin Bieber And Harry Styles Making Out In Peru.

Justin Bieber and Harry Styles making out in Peru.

This week one of our Paparazzis took a picture of Harry and Justin making out. they were laying on a bench in a public park at 11 PM. We got 20 pictures sad we did not get pictures of everything. they were touching each other and kissing. We interviewed Justin after the little date in Peru.

Our reporters asked Mr. Bieber why he kissed the young superstar on his vacation? “i don’t know. he was just so hot in his bathing suit. Are you and Harry a couple now? ”no we are not a couple but maybe if Harry want us to be together” Did you have sex? “i thought that we were going to but i gave him something in the butt”

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Justin Bibber and Harry Potter

The Danish Royal Family In IKEA

The Royal Family In IKEA

IKEA Butik

This week the royal family visited the swedish company IKEA. Margrethe the Queen was very excited visiting IKEA. She said “We needed pillows so we decided to take the limo and drive to IKEA”. The queen asked Henrik “ Can’t we just take the normal Stairs to the 1st floor ? Then Henrik said “I don’t know about you but i’m taking the Escalators”. First Henrik found a Black and white Striped pillow but Margrethe thought it was too Retro. After the visit we interviewed Margrethe she told us that she actually wanted a pink pillow but she did not tell Henrik. They were both very impressed by the size of the store. They bought 346 pillows and they spent about 30.000 Kr. But the queen has a lot of money so i guess that is not a problem. They thought about buying New Beds too but they decided not to do it. The prince Henrik said that he was not impressed of the food. The queen thought it was delicious. She said that she always had been that fast food Person.

We had a great day and the royal family had a great day.