Vidcon is a place to meet your favourite youtubers, we went and got pictures and talked to all of our favourite youtubers.

The first Vidcon was held on July 9-11 2010 at a hotel in Los Angeles with 1400 people attending. Vidcon 2011 was held on July 29-30 at the same place with 2500 people video creators, viewers and industry representives. The third Vidcon was held June 28-30 2011. It was held in a larger venue, and around 7000 people attended. Vidcon 2013 was held on 1-3 of August at the same venue it was held the year before. The conference was sold out within a month, 12000 people attending.

We went on the 2nd of August, and we met some of our favourite youtubers including Jacksgap, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, PewDiePie, Veeoneeye, Emma Blackery, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Lukeisnotsexy, Caspar Lee, Shane Dawson, FunForLouis, Smosh, Alfie and Marcus Butler.

Jacksgap is a youtuber named Jack Harries who’s making videos with his twin brother Finn Harries. Jack started the channel to make videos of him doing random things. His twin started doing the things with him. Jack and Finn is obsessed with Maoam

danisnotonfire is a youtuber who’s talking, giving advice and making fun of things.

amazingphil is a youtuber, his best friend is dan from the channel danisnotonfire, so they’re making videos together a lot. He’s making videos of the same things as Dan.

PewDiePie is a Youtuber making videos of himself playing videogames. He’s playing a lot of Horror games and he’s the most subscribed person on Youtube.

Tyler Oakley is a Youtuber making videos of himself talking and giving advice. Tyler is gay and people ship him with the other Youtuber, Troye Sivan who’s also gay.


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