New Twilight movie

The new movie is about Bella and Edward’s daughter. Bella and Edward dies and Renesmee got adopted by Taylor Lautner also known as Jacob and his wife Jessica. The movie is about Renesmee growing up, where Jacob is more like an overprotective brother. Jessica get’s pregnant and renesmee begin to feel ignored by  Jacob and Jessica. Renesmee becomes depressed and Jacob doesn’t even notice. Renesmee get’s a boyfriend and he helps her out of the depression. When Jacob notice she’s got a boyfriend he freacks out, and Renesmee get’s mad at him for not noticing her depression and for not seeing how sweet and loving her boyfriend is. She ran crying to Jessica and told her everything. Jessica got mad at Jacob and yelled at him for not seeing it from Renesmee’s sight. Jessica told Jacob about Renesmee’s depression and Jacob broke down crying. He thought Renesmee hated him. Renesmee ran into the room with her boyfriend Jack behind her. Renesmee hugged him and said she still loved him. Jacob Accepted Jack and they became great mates. What they don’t know is that Jack is a monster if you want to know how they find out you have to watch the movie. The ending of the movie is about Jack and Renesmee growing up, getting married and getting kids. The next movie is probably about their kids growing up.



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